Rafting experiences on the Adige/Etsch River

In the mountains, the colours are a little more intense, the scents a little stronger, the sky a little bluer, and the adventures a little more intensive. On hot days, when the sun shines down brightly from the sky, rafting experiences on the Adige/Etsch River are the perfect way to cool off. Plunge into watery enjoyment and look forward to unforgettable moments together with your loved ones.


Too young or old for rafting?

Rafting is suitable for everyone. Children from the age of four can participate in the easy ride on the Adige/Etsch River. There’s space for four or seven people in the special rafting boats. Sharing experiences together quenches your thirst for adventure and promotes team spirit. The only requirement: You have to be able to swim and be ready for a little adventure.

Where Trafoi lies, there gleams a panorama of unforgettable beauty.
Stefan Zweig, author
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