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Who sees the whistling marmot? Who will be the first to solve the rock puzzle? Who will find the hidden treasure? Adventurous and knowledge-hungry kids will find everything they could wish for in and around Trafoi and in the entire Stelvio/Stilfserjoch National Park. And their parents will, too. We’re convinced that there’s no better place for experiences than out in real, pure nature.


Gumperle path

An exciting animal path

The Gumperle Animal Path is ideal for a family walk: At 15 stations, children (and their parents) learn interesting facts about the local forests and their inhabitants from Ferdinand the wood mouse. Search for tracks together with your children, listen to birdsong, and master the badger’s tunnel. And if you can’t bear parting from Ferdinand, you can buy a cuddly toy at the tourist information office in Prad.


Prader Sand Nature Trail

Hiking fun and natural experiences

Explore nature with all your senses: That’s possible on Prader Sand Nature Trail.
On three routes, a total of 4.8km long, you’ll experience the forest, wild river, and dry-stone wall habitats.
This picturesque family walk leads you through a total of 18 interactive experience stations and 10 information stations, including the barefoot path, becoming an irrigator, and “stream rumbling”.
The path is suitable for pushchairs.


NATURAronda Sulden

Bear Bath and suspension bridge

The name says it all: A round walk in nature becomes an unforgettable experience in Sulden. At the foot of Ortles/Ortler, a waterfall, a cold arm bath, and a large walking pool await you in the Bear Bath. The walk then continues to the EVOPÄD training course, where your balance is put to the test. Afterwards, the 44m-long suspension bridge awaits: Who’s brave enough to walk out over the roaring waters to reach the other side?


Adventure mountain Watles

Fun, games, excitement

Adventure mountain Watles offers numerous family-friendly walks in summer. How about a trip to the adventure lake, for example? The little ones can pan for gold, paddle over the lake on a wooden raft, and explore the Diamond Grotto, while the adults enjoy a Kneipp path or relax on the wooden loungers by the lake. The ultimate highlight is the Watles Riders: mountain carts that you can ride on the forest road from the mountain station all the way down to the valley station.


Talai Adventure Trail

An exciting treasure hunt

Let the treasure hunt begin: Treasure is hidden in the Talai forest. This pushchair-friendly adventure offers game stations as well as interesting facts about the area and its rich variety of wildlife. Grab pencil and paper and embark on a fascinating journey through the thick larch forest, where tricky puzzles are waiting to be solved.


STELVIO – Stelvio/Stilfserjoch National Park

Pure nature

Trafoi looks like it’s been taken straight from the pages of a nature book: enchanting panoramas, splashing streams, rolling Alpine meadows. Stunning flora: Alpine roses, gentian, and edelweiss, as well as wild orchids such as the Turk's cap lily, lady’s slipper, and fire lily. Plus rare species of animals: Roe deer and red deer, eagles and bearded vultures, ibexes and chamois, foxes and hares can all be seen outside our Bella Vista.


Coira/Churburg Castle

The most beautiful castle in South Tyrol

Following in the footsteps of knights. The most beautiful castle in South Tyrol, Coira/Churburg, impresses its visitors with its well-preserved structure and one of the largest armouries in the world. Over 50 fully intact suits of armour complete with weapons give a profound insight into the lives of knights and the Middle Ages. It’s absolutely worth a visit. Daily tours are offered (closed on Mondays).

View of Churburg Castle featuring its distinctive white walls and battlements against the backdrop of the snow-capped Alps, surrounded by autumn-colored trees.


The smallest town in the Alps

The medieval town of Glurns is one of the smallest towns in the world. Its completely intact curtain walls, three imposing gate towers, the stunning arcades, and the town centre exude medieval flair. Tip: A walk through the arcades and around the town walls will help you unwind and immerse yourself in the Middle Ages.

The historical white facades of Glurns line a tranquil alley, whispering tales of yore, beckoning for a leisurely stroll.


The church tower in the lake

The distinctive tower in the lake is not only a popular photo subject, but also boasts a moving history. You can experience Lago di Resia/Reschensee in a number of ways: The 14km-long lakeside promenade can be explored on foot (also with a pushchair), by bike, or on the water aboard the MS Hubertus.

The MS Hubertus sets sail every day from mid-July to October.
Contact: Captain Elias | T. +39 347 8523590 

The submerged bell tower of Graun emerges from the clear blue waters of Lake Reschen, surrounded by vibrant greenery and the majestic mountain scenery of South Tyrol.

Marienberg abbey

Ora et labora – pray and work

In the Benedictine Marienberg abbey, life has followed the Rule of Saint Benedict for over 900 years. With its crypt and Romanesque depictions of angels, it is one of the greatest examples of Romanesque art in the Alps. “Ora et labora” – “Pray and work” – is also the name of the abbey museum, which gives interesting insights into everyday life behind the abbey walls.

Marienberg Abbey, nestled in the greenery of South Tyrol, stands majestically on a hill surrounded by vineyards.


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